Types of Membership

Who is Eligible?

FMA membership welcomes individuals and companies interested in the Florida magazine industry regardless in what state or country they may live and work. No matter your circumstance, one of our three membership types will qualify you for membership.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (321) 283-5282 or info@floridamagazine.org.

Regular Member

For individuals and publishing company who produce a periodical 1. published at least three times a year and no more than 52 times a year, 2. published in Florida (principal editorial office), and 3. has an average minimum editorial content (non-advertising) of 25 percent.

Annual Dues:

  • Publishing/Magazine Company: $345

Associate Member

This membership is for companies who supply magazine products and services in Florida and have a reputation of quality and reliability.

Annual Dues:

  • $1,925
  • Membership dues include 2 registrations at the FMA Annual Publishing Conference. 
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Affiliate Member

This membership is for students, advertising agencies, public relations agencies and faculty members, and for individuals and companies whose publications do not qualify for regular membership. Affiliate members enjoy all privileges of membership except for voting and some magazine contest restrictions.

Annual Dues:

  • Freelancer: $95
  • Advertising/PR Agency: $195
  • Faculty: FREE
  • Students: $25
  • Magazine published outside of Florida or fewer than 3x annually : $345
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freelancer, faculty, or student member)
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advertising/PR agency or magazine published
outside of Florida