Magazine Spotlight: Internal Auditor

Winner of the 2014 Charlie Award for Best Overall Magazine, Best Service Feature, Best Department, Best Writing, Best Column and Best Cover in the Trade/Technical category, Internal Auditor is a trade publication that has more to teach than the ins and outs of running financials. Published by The Institute of Internal Auditors, IA is the premiere trade publication for a notoriously dry industry that revolves around legalese and numbers. Yet, from print to its online presence, IA is a magazine that transforms the world of internal auditing into content that engages the reader in a way that is more like a lifestyle publication than a trade industry magazine.

The first thing you notice is its exceptional design. IA has a contemporary and clean feel that seems both sophisticated and accessible for the consumer. From advertising overlays that are subtle and elegant, to covers that are alluring, to feature layout that carries the eye rather than crowds the reader with visual information…It is the full package.

The content itself is written in a style that speaks less about numbers and more about how language can be used to illustrate technical concepts. The stories are presented for those who struggle with left brain concepts to not only understand the information, but also enjoy reading it. From titles like “Putting the Squeeze on Social Media” to “What Internal Auditors Can Learn From the Blizzard, Measles, and Underinflated Footballs,” IA presents complex information in a form that speaks to people, not spreadsheets.

Next time you think to yourself, how can I make this article, this layout, this cover, or this spread more creative? Flip through an issue of the Internal Auditor. It is a publication that pushes the envelope when it comes to ways to build content outside the box. No small feat, considering its industry narrative is more comfortably presented as data in a chart, than as a two page spread.