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Industry Trends

Panaprint invests in capabilities-rich Primera
Muller Martini’s saddle stitching system delivers the competitive advantage needed to meet growing customer demand

Headquartered in Macon, Georgia, Panaprint is a family-owned web and sheetfed printer that produces saddle stitched and perfect bound products for the short-run publication market. They win and keep customers because of their product quality, rapid turnaround and competitive pricing.

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Are MagLabs the Future of Print?

Imagine a live event, where readers can be a part of building a magazine. From watching writers conduct interviews in person with a Q&A session from the audience, to voting on which photography makes it to layout, to witnessing designers work their magic...this is the MagLab experience.

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By Heather Carney, managing editor of Gulfstream Media Group

As a leading publisher of luxury, city/regional lifestyle magazines for 50 years, Gulfstream Media Group knows what it takes to make a magazine, and a company last. But despite all that experience, it’s no surprise that the digital age has challenged our company, and many others as well.

Rather than run from social media, Gulfstream has embraced the world of online publishing, as well as social media promotion and branding. It started as trial and error. We made a lot of mistakes. But overtime, it gradually transformed into a growing and successful experience for our team. We’re excited that our content reaches a larger audience, and so are our advertisers.

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